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Tottori Prefectural Road 308 Kuwabara-Sakamoto Line

Tottori Prefectural Road 308 Kuwabara-Sakamoto Line The Tottori Prefectural Road 308 Kuwabara-Sakamoto Line is a prefectural road connecting Kuwabara, Aoya, Tottori and Sakamoto, Misasa, Tōhaku District. Point of Origin: Kuwabara, Aoya, Tottori (Tottori Prefectural Road 51 Kurayoshi-Kawakami Aoya Line intersection) Point of Termination…

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Amarume Station

Amarume Station Amarume Station is an East Japan Railway Company (JR East Japan) station located in Amarume-Sawada, Shonai, Higashitagawa District, Yamagata. Available Rail Lines East Japan Railway Company (JR East Japan) Uetsu Main Line Rikuu West Line Station Layout It is an aboveground station with two island platforms and f…

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Keisei-Ōwada Station

Keisei-Ōwada Station Keisei-Ōwada Station is a Keisei Railway Main Line station in Ōwada, Yachiyo, Chiba. In guides for tourists, the "Keisei" is dropped and it is "Ōwada." It is the closest station on the Keisei line to the Yachiyo city office, and is geographically in the center of Yachiyo. Station Layout It is an aboveground sta…

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Ōgoe Station

Ōgoe Station Ōgoe Station is an East Japan Railway Company (JR East) Ban'etsu East Line station in Kamiōgoe-Takamachida, Ōgoe, Tamura, Fukushima. Station Layout It is an aboveground station with a two-line, one-platform island layout. Reserved seat tickets are handled at Tohoku Sogo Service consignment station (at the Miharu Station)…

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Mori-Miyanohara Station

Mori-Miyanohara Station Mori-Miyanohara Station is an East Japan Railway Company (JR East Japan) Iiyama Line station in Hokushin, Gunsakae, Shimominochi, Nagano. It is the northernmost station in Nagano, close to the border with Niigata. The station name comes from two places, from the Sakae Hokushin Forest and from Kamigo-miyanohara, …

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Guidelines for National Unification

Guidelines for National Unification The Guidelines for National Unification are the basis of the Republic of China's (Taiwan's) mainland policy. The resolution was passed at the third meeting of the Republic of China's National Unification Council on February 23, 1991, and it was adopted on March 14th of the same year at the 2223rd sessi…

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Momiya Station

Momiya Station Momiya Station is a (closed) station on the Hitachi Dentetsu Hitachi Dentestsu Line at 1-535 Ishinazaka, Hitachi, Ibaraki. Station Layout It was an aboveground station with a one-platform, one-line layout on a curve. It was an unmanned station from the time it opened until it was closed down, and had a shed over the pl…

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Jan Hendrik Schön

Jan Hendrik Schoen Jan Hendrik Schoen (1970 - ) is a former German physicist. Hired as a researched for the elite Bell Laboratories, he published scientific breakthroughs and was viewed by scientists as a scientist of the first magnitude; he had won the Otto-Klung-Weberbank Prize for Physics and the Braunschweig Prize in 2001 and the "Ou…

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