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Hime cut

Hime cut A hime cut is a hair style. It is normally a hair style seen on Ichimatsu dolls and youth from periods in old Japan such as the Heian Period. The hair is parted and the bangs are cut straight with the hair on the left and the right of the bangs is cut to chin length. It is an ancient hairstyle, so it is done on hair that is …

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Memorial Service

Memorial Service A memorial service is a funeral service for people to say their farewells to the deceased, or the spirit of the deceased. Overview Usually held after a wake (midday of the next day), they recently have often been held at the same temple or funeral parlor the wake. A casket is placed at an altar that has been set up a…

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British L class submarine

L class submarine (British submarine) The L class submarine was a British navy ocean-crossing submarine. Thirty-four of them were built from 1917. Overview All of the British navy's E class submarines performed satisfactorily, but it was only natural to to make submarine improvements based on battle experiences from World War I. Th…

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Gifu Shotoku Gakuen

Gifu Shotoku Gakuen The Gifu Shotoku Gakuen is an incorporated educational institution in Gifu prefecture. There is also a Shotoku Gakuen in Tokyo, but they are not related. The principles on which Shotoku Gakuen was founded are based on the principles of Buddhism. It is a part of the Pure Land Buddhist Honganji School and is affili…

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Ta Hwa Institute of Technology

Ta Hwa Institute of Technology The Ta Hwa Institute of Technology is a private technical institute located in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. It was previously the Ta Hwa Agricultural Junior College, but currently has a rich industrial and business curriculum, twelve departments and a laboratory.

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Castelletto Stura

Castelletto Stura Castelletto Stura is a comune with a population of 1,176 in the Province of Cuneo in Piemonte, Italy. Comune Administration Representative (Sindaco): Elio Lombardo (elected June 14, 2004) Telephone number of the Comune Representative: 0171-791148

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Spotorno Spotorno is a comune with a population of 4,171 in the Province of Savona in Liguria, Italy. Comune Administration Representative (Sindaco): Bruno Marengo (elected June 14, 2004) Telephone Number of the Comune Representative: 019 74697 E-mail Address of the Comune Representative: sindaco@comune.spotorno.sv.it

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3000 strikeout club

3000 Strikeout Club The 3000 Strikeout Club is a group of pitchers who have gotten a total of over 3000 strikeouts in the Major Leagues. At the end of the current 2008 season, sixteen people have achieved this. History The first pitcher to reach 3000 strikeouts was Walter Johnson in 1923. Johnson was the only one until Bob Gibson r…

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