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Full music score

Full Music Score A full music score is sheet music that contains all of the concert and ensemble parts written in it. It called either a "full score" or simply a "score." Contents 1 Summary 2 Part order 2.1 Orchestra score 2.2 Concert band score 2.3 Other full scores 3 Score reading Summary A full score is called a "par…

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Hysteria (German: Hysterie, English; hysteria, Greek: ὑστερία(hystería)) is primarily used with the following meanings: It was a term formerly used in psychiatry to indicate mental disorders, primarily conversion symptoms and dissociation. Alternatively, when said by regular people, "hysteria" is often used to mean just being short-tempere…

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Hebe Hebe (Ancient Greek:Ἥβη, Hēbē) is the goddess of youth in Greek mythology. Originally, "hebe" meant "youth," and being in the prime of life was deified as a goddess. Overview Hebe holding a pot of wine. The daughter of Zeus and Hera, she served as the cupbearer to the gods on Mt. Olympus during banquets. She was the goddess of you…

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How to Train and Care For Angels

How to Train and Care For Angels "How to Train and Care For Angels" is a light novel by Kota Asanuma (author) and Kiro Haba (illustrator). Five volumes have been published by Shueisha Super Dash Bunko. Plot Summary The angel Sera visits Hikaru Kamizuki, a high school student who always does things at his own pace, out of the blue. …

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Branko Ivanković

Branko Ivanković Branko Ivanković (February 28, 1954 - ) is a Croatian-born soccer player and coach. He distinguished himself as a coach during the 1998 French World Cup working as an assistant coach to Miroslav Blažević for the Croatian national team, when he lead the team to an amazing third place finish. After that, he moved to Germ…

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Shenhua "Shenhua" is the third single by the female Japanese singer Iori. It was released by Polydor April 1, 1999. Description It was Iori's third, and at present last, single. It became the theme song for Shenhua, a heroine in "Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka" for the Dreamcast. The title of the song, "Shenhua," also comes from the…

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Optical Isomer

Optical Isomer An optical isomer is a technical term primarily used in organic chemistry. The word shows it is a type of stereoisomer, but its usage is not recommended by the IUPAC, which instead recommends "enantiomers" and "diastereomers." For details on the related optical phenomena, please see the articles on "chirality" and "optic…

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Taken Captive: A Japanese POW's Story

Taken Captive: A Japanese POW's Story Taken Captive: A Japanese POW's Story is a serial novel released in 1948 by Shohei Ooka. In the afterword, he writes, "I borrowed from the realities of the POW camp and intended to satirize an occupied society. Because I spent five years writing and in that time, the situation and my thinking change…

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