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Contamination of wild mushrooms serious in wide area / Facing radiation daily

As the data on radiation contamination of wild mushrooms have become more and more available, I list them here again. The situation in Gunma prefecture becomes clearer. While no mushrooms with contamination levels above several tens of thousands were not found, many mushrooms are contaminated beyond the reference level. Several cases in wh…

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In order to prevent nuclear plant accidents... / Yasumasa Ueda

Please understand that the best way to prevent nuclear plant accidents is to get rid of all nuclear plants. Thumbnail photo: At the scene where children are receiving thyroid gland examinations. They have to keep getting these examinations for the rest of their life. Seeing this makes me think strongly that a nuclear plant accident should…

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Wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus... / Industrial Environment Division, Nikko City Noted articles

Please do not collect, eat, or sell wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus. 31,000 Bq/kg of radioactive materials, which is much higher than the reference level (100Bq/kg), was found in wild Lactarius volemus collected in Nikko city (Imaichi-area) as a result of monitoring inspection of radiation carried out by Tochigi prefecture on Augu…

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Parents Association to Work for Realising Safe and Reassuring Learning Environments at Fukushima University

Parents Association to Work for Realising Safe and Reassuring Learning Environments at Fukushima University The radiation level of Fukushima-city is still high, and we are concerned with our children studying at Fukushima University. We seriously examine the possibility that our children make a temporary absence from the University or take …

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Large Amount of Cesium detected from Dried Shiitake in Yokohama-city / NHK News

5 November, 2011 ... Yokohama city said that the amount of radioactive Cesium which exceeds temporary regulatory level defined by Japanese government was detected from dried Shiitake mushrooms grown and processed at an establishment for experiencing farming, located in "Maioka Park", Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-city. Upon receiving questions abou…

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Shiitake in Sizuoka Prefecture Found to Contain Twice as much Cesium as the Provisional Legal Limit / Yomiuri News

1033 Becquerel of Radioactive Cesium, which exceeds the Legal Limit (500 Bq/kg), was detected in dried Shiitake mushrooms from Izu-city by a voluntary inspection carried out by a retailer, Shizuoka Prefectural Government said Friday (7th October, 2011). [Mushrooms in general absorb and concentrate radioactive materials. After the Chernobyl …

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Fukushima prefecture is planning to suspend shipping of wild mushrooms / Sankei Newspaper

12 September, 2011 Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, which has been imposing a ban on shipping wild mushrooms in some areas in Fukushima prefecture, is now planning to extend the area to all the Fukushima prefecture. ... It is held that mycorrhizal mushrooms absorb radioactive materials 10 times more than saprophytic mushrooms. The …

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An old man from Hokkaido made a lawsuit against TEPCO / Ryusaku Tanaka

An old man living in Hokkaido filed a lawsuit against TEPCO, a giant company that even controls the government. Munehiro Maekawa (62), who runs a retail business in Kitahiroshima-city, Hokkaido, filed a lawsuit against TEPCO to stop operating nuclear plants. The first oral pleading was held on Monday (27th June) at Tokyo Prefectural Court. …

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