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Exotericism (Buddhism) / Wikipedia (trans. VS 2014)

Exotericism (Buddhism) Exotericism is the belief in Buddhism that the teaching should be available for all individuals, as opposed to being kept secret. Antonym: Esotericism (Buddhism). Founder of the Shingon Buddhist sect, Kukai, spread the teachings as superior to previously prevelant esoteric teachings, and closer to that of the Classi…

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New Year's Message - From Planning to Action - / Idogawa Katsutaka

I send you all my New Year's greetings for 2013. This is the second time we have welcomed the New Year since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident at the nuclear plant occurred. With people still living as internal refugees and in evacuation shelters, I am determined to present the people of Futabamachi with an agenda for recove…

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Wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus... / Industrial Environment Division, Nikko City Noted articles

Please do not collect, eat, or sell wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus. 31,000 Bq/kg of radioactive materials, which is much higher than the reference level (100Bq/kg), was found in wild Lactarius volemus collected in Nikko city (Imaichi-area) as a result of monitoring inspection of radiation carried out by Tochigi prefecture on Augu…

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Hanami (flower viewing), Sake and Earthquake / Kosuke Kuji

From Iwate, a quake-stricken prefecture, to people all over Japan (and all over the world) [0.05] My name is Kosuke Kuji, and I am the fifth person to head our brewery here in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. We brew a sake called "Nambu Bijin". Iwate Prefecture was devastated in the Tohoku earthquake. [0.21] Our brewery also suffered harm…

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