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Contamination of wild mushrooms serious in wide area / Facing radiation daily

As the data on radiation contamination of wild mushrooms have become more and more available, I list them here again. The situation in Gunma prefecture becomes clearer. While no mushrooms with contamination levels above several tens of thousands were not found, many mushrooms are contaminated beyond the reference level. Several cases in wh…

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On the appeal by the Association to Protect Children from Radioactive Contamination / Masaki Oshikawa

On the appeal by the Association to Protect Children from Radioactive Contamination October 27, 2011 To: Mr. Jun'ichiro Hoshino, Abiko Mayor To: Mr. Jun Nakamura, Abiko City Superintendent of Education From: Masaki Oshikawa Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, the University of Tokyo As a person who is involved in academic res…

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Large Amount of Cesium detected from Dried Shiitake in Yokohama-city / NHK News

5 November, 2011 ... Yokohama city said that the amount of radioactive Cesium which exceeds temporary regulatory level defined by Japanese government was detected from dried Shiitake mushrooms grown and processed at an establishment for experiencing farming, located in "Maioka Park", Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-city. Upon receiving questions abou…

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The current state of Fukushima nuclear plant / Hiroaki KOIDE

Dear all, I am a little relieved after listening to the press conference by Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano, in which he explained that the explosion this afternoon had occurred between nuclear reactor containment vessel and the containment building, and the containment vessel had not exploded. If that was the case, the explosion was a hydro…

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