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In order to prevent nuclear plant accidents... / Yasumasa Ueda

Please understand that the best way to prevent nuclear plant accidents is to get rid of all nuclear plants. Thumbnail photo: At the scene where children are receiving thyroid gland examinations. They have to keep getting these examinations for the rest of their life. Seeing this makes me think strongly that a nuclear plant accident should…

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On the appeal by the Association to Protect Children from Radioactive Contamination / Masaki Oshikawa

On the appeal by the Association to Protect Children from Radioactive Contamination October 27, 2011 To: Mr. Jun'ichiro Hoshino, Abiko Mayor To: Mr. Jun Nakamura, Abiko City Superintendent of Education From: Masaki Oshikawa Professor, Institute for Solid State Physics, the University of Tokyo As a person who is involved in academic res…

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An old man from Hokkaido made a lawsuit against TEPCO / Ryusaku Tanaka

An old man living in Hokkaido filed a lawsuit against TEPCO, a giant company that even controls the government. Munehiro Maekawa (62), who runs a retail business in Kitahiroshima-city, Hokkaido, filed a lawsuit against TEPCO to stop operating nuclear plants. The first oral pleading was held on Monday (27th June) at Tokyo Prefectural Court. …

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Errors in Nuclear Promoting Side Readers for Primary School and Junior High School Students / 46 News (from Kyodo)

Side readers on nuclear plants used in primary and secondary schools, produced jointly Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, contains such descriptions as "[nuclear plants] can stand against large earthquakes and tsunamis" and "is firmly protected from leakage of ra…

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The current state of Fukushima nuclear plant / Hiroaki KOIDE

Dear all, I am a little relieved after listening to the press conference by Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano, in which he explained that the explosion this afternoon had occurred between nuclear reactor containment vessel and the containment building, and the containment vessel had not exploded. If that was the case, the explosion was a hydro…

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