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Human chain around Japan's parliament building

On Sunday the 11th, people got together around the parliament building and Kasumigaseki and called for a immediate stop of Ohi nuclear plant. In the pouring rain, the voices of "no nuclear power plant" and "no restart " echoed through the normally quiet Kasumigaseki and Nagatacho areas. This protest activity is entitled "One Million Hu…

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Contamination of wild mushrooms serious in wide area / Facing radiation daily

As the data on radiation contamination of wild mushrooms have become more and more available, I list them here again. The situation in Gunma prefecture becomes clearer. While no mushrooms with contamination levels above several tens of thousands were not found, many mushrooms are contaminated beyond the reference level. Several cases in wh…

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In order to prevent nuclear plant accidents... / Yasumasa Ueda

Please understand that the best way to prevent nuclear plant accidents is to get rid of all nuclear plants. Thumbnail photo: At the scene where children are receiving thyroid gland examinations. They have to keep getting these examinations for the rest of their life. Seeing this makes me think strongly that a nuclear plant accident should…

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Wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus... / Industrial Environment Division, Nikko City Noted articles

Please do not collect, eat, or sell wild mushrooms, such as Lactarius volemus. 31,000 Bq/kg of radioactive materials, which is much higher than the reference level (100Bq/kg), was found in wild Lactarius volemus collected in Nikko city (Imaichi-area) as a result of monitoring inspection of radiation carried out by Tochigi prefecture on Augu…

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For the first time in 42 years, all the nuclear power operation stopped on May 5 Noted articles

After all nuclear power plants in Japan stopped working on May 5, rallies that call for "breaking with nuclear power generation" were held across the country, and roughly 5500 people gathered in Shibakoen Park in Minato Ward, Tokyo. At the rally, Mr. Satoshi Kamata, a reporter who is leading a campaign to collect 10 million signatures for…

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Fukushima Declaration of Human Rights Noted articles

Fukushima Declaration of Human Rights We are currently living in a state of great anxiety and insecurity. "Utsukushima, Fukushima," they used to say, playing on the word for "beautiful" (utsukushii) in Japanese. We never imagined that one day we would see the name of our prefecture written in katakana, an ominous reminder of the fact that "…

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Appeal on the schools' reaction to the post-nuclear disaster situation / Faculty Members, Graduate School of Education, UT

March 6, 2012 Almost one year has passed since the earthquake and tsunami hit northeast Japan. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest condolences to the victims of the disaster and our sincere respect for all those who are involved in the arduous task of reconstructing the disaster-hit areas. The TEPCO Fukushima Daii…

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Parents Association to Work for Realising Safe and Reassuring Learning Environments at Fukushima University

Parents Association to Work for Realising Safe and Reassuring Learning Environments at Fukushima University The radiation level of Fukushima-city is still high, and we are concerned with our children studying at Fukushima University. We seriously examine the possibility that our children make a temporary absence from the University or take …

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