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Under aged police trainee was transported to hospital for acute alcohol 

According to the YOMIURI shimbun and the SANKEI shimbun, The Kyoto Police School’s misconduct was proved in an interview with the police and the others on January 5. The affair is a nineteen-year-old student of the school was rushed to a hospital in November 2010 because of acute alcoholic poisoning. That day, the social gathering was held a…

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America President Obama announces the end of the Iraqi War

According to The Yomiuri Shimbun and Jiji Press, President Obama made a speech at Fort Bragg army base in North Caroline on 14th December, and he said that American forces stationed in Iraq were going to withdraw from there. By Jiji Press, President Barack Obama declared, “the future of Iraq makes the Iraqis. Iraq War will come to an end.”…

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Skymark Airlines Inc. Renews the Routes and Price Next Spring

Skymark Airlines.Inc made an announcement on October 12th. The company decided to focus on their routes only which enable to make more profits from spring of 2006. According to the announcement, it would commence the route link Haneda with New Chitose, and the link with Kobe from next February in 2006. And also, an overnight flight from To…

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Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Course Paper Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf)

Laurel(Bay Leaf)/ Laurus nobilis Bay laurel, bay tree, sweet laurel, true laurel Category: Lauraceae 《About frequently-confused species》 Not to mix up with them:Alexandrian laurel(Calophyllum inophyllum), Cherry laurel(Prunus laurocerasus), Chilean laurel(Laurelia aromatica), Indian laurel(Terminalia alata), Winter Daphme(D…

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New Year's Message - From Planning to Action - / Idogawa Katsutaka

I send you all my New Year's greetings for 2013. This is the second time we have welcomed the New Year since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident at the nuclear plant occurred. With people still living as internal refugees and in evacuation shelters, I am determined to present the people of Futabamachi with an agenda for recove…

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Dear people of Ftabamachi / Idogawa Katsutaka, Futaba town mayer

To the people of Futabamachi: Your suffering is unmeasurable. I wish I could talk with you every day, but I cannot, and for that I apologize deeply. My first priority as mayor is to bring back a stable life for the people of Futabamachi as soon as possible. As it is not possible to go back to Futabamachi immediately, we need to prepare pla…

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Teabowl / Makoto Hatori

Teabowls: originally for daily use, from the functional point of view their history dates back to the woodenware known as "goki." Certain kinds of daily tableware made from fired clay, such as ricebowls, gained a special status through their use in the soulful culture nurtured by the Way of Tea. The avant-garde perspective enabled these ha…

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Fukushima Declaration of Human Rights (Revised on 25 Nov. 2012)

Fukushima Declaration of Human Rights We are currently living in a state of great anxiety and insecurity. "Utsukushima, Fukushima," they used to say, playing on the word for "beautiful" (utsukushii) in Japanese. We never imagined that one day we would see the name of our prefecture written in katakana, an ominous reminder of the fact that "…

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