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Kindenryu is the largest taishogoto school in Japan, consisting of over 400,000 members and over 10,000 instructors throughout the country.

It is run by the Japan Violin Laboratory Taishogoto Japan Diffusion Society (Co., Ltd.), and the formal name for the organization is the Kindenryu Taishogoto Japan Diffusion Society.

Main Characteristics

The organization was created by the Japan Violin Laboratory Taishogoto Japan Diffusion Society, which makes taishogotos, as a performance instruction service for people who had bought instruments.

It was not created to lead taishogoto performers and instructors, but rather because it was deemed necessary for everyone who loved the taishogoto to continue nurturing its music culture growth in order to make the taishogoto, which has only a short history, stand with traditional arts, and so does not use the so-called "Iemoto System."

It also strongly tends to being a "group supporting the spread of the taishogoto" through support such as its leader authorization system for instructor quality.

It broke new ground in overturning what had been the common sense of there not being a taishogoto ensemble in other schools, (in addition to the traditional soprano, three types of taishogoto, alto, tenor, and bass, were invented in the mid to late 1970s) and took the very first steps to a new music culture.

Taking advantage of the predominance of being the largest school, they have made efforts to bring the cost of taishogotos and accessories down so that people young and old, male and female, can enjoy the taishogoto.

In 2008, members of Kindenryu won a Guinness World Record for having 2,864 people playing the taishogoto at once (the previous record had been 1,043 people).

It holds two Guinness world records; the other is for the world's largest taishogoto, which is 210.5 cm long and weighs 23.2kg.

Through May and June of 2008, ANA international flight broadcast "Sky Channel" featured Kindenryu's taishogotos.

Television Programs Sponsored by Kindenryu

Taishogoto Kokoro no Melody (by CBC Radio in Nagoya, where the taishogoto has its origins; JRN11 Net)

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