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The Whore of Babylon

The Whore of Babylon is one of the allegories in the Book of Revelation in the Christian bible.

She is also called "Babylon the Great."


1 Description

1.1 Preterist Interpretation

1.2 Roman Catholicism

1.3 Futurist interpretations

2 Use in New Religions

3 The Whore of Babylon in Other Works


According to the Book of Revelation, there is a place "where evil lives" and is "a den of corrupt spirits."

When her appearance is described, she is adorned in finery and holding a golden cup in her hands that is defiled from the filth of her adultery.

The Whore would cause the blood of the martyrs to run, but she would be destroyed by the judgement of God.

Preterist Interpretation

In interpretations in which Revelations was a past occurrence, the fallen woman is a metaphor for the Roman empire, and the beast with seven heads that she rides symbolized the seven hills of the Roman empire (or the seven emperors).

What's called the "Roman Empire" here is Ancient Rome, and indicates a time when it is thought that they strongly persecuted Christians.

It also indicates a time period when despots such as Calligula and Nero were corrupting Rome.

In particular, it is used as a metaphor for how Nero used the Great Fire of Rome as an excuse to persecute Christians.

In Jewish folk belief, Nero was either the Antichrist, or the Antichrist was taking his form.

Roman Catholicism

For the Reformationists, the Roman Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon and the Pope was the Antichrist.

Futurist Interpretation

Another position is that it is a prophecy about the future.

Dispensationalist Keita Takagi thought of the Whore of Babylon as an ecumenism of Roman Catholicism, Liberal Protestantism, and the world's idolatrous religions combined.

Use in New Religions

For Jehovah's Witnesses, the Whore of Babylon represents all of the religious organizations of the world that have practices springing from Ancient Babylon.

Those main practices are worshiping a trinity of gods, teaching that the human soul will continue on after death, spiritualism involving speaking to the dead, worship using idols, using spells to soothe evil spirits, approval of unethical actions, participation in government, and giving ranks to the priesthood.

This is principally Christiandom, and all religions they see as false, including Christianity, were interpreted as being the daughter of the Mother Babylon the Great.

Furthermore, in the near future, the United Nations organization, represented by "the Scarlet Beast," and the governments, represented as the "ten horns" of the beast, will destroy the Great Harlot of Babylon (The Revelation to John 17:16).

Aleister Crowley, who supervised the design of the Thoth Tarot, adopted her motif for what is the "Strength"  card in normal tarot decks, and renamed it "Lust."

The Whore of Babylon in Other Media

The Shin Megami Tensei series: She appears under the name "Mother Harlot."

Fafner in the Azure: The  name of the "Fafner Babylon Model" is based on the Whore of Babylon.

Dies irae - Also sprach Zarathustra: The magical name (nickname?) of Riza Brenner, the 11th of the 13 Holy Lancers, is "The Whore (Babylon Magdalene)."

Iscariot: There is a beast (monster?) called "The Whore of Babylon."

Fate/EXTRA: One of the nicknames for Saber (Emperor Nero) is "The Enchantress of Babylon."

This character is a woman in red.

11eyes - Sin, Damnation, and the Atonement Girl: Lieselotte Werckmeister is feared as the "Witch of Babylon."

MM9: She's given as being in the same kaiju family as many-headed dragons.

In this work, Great Babylon is a seven-headed Chimera beast.

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