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Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Course Paper Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf)

 Laurel(Bay Leaf)/ Laurus nobilis

 Bay laurel, bay tree, sweet laurel, true laurel

 Category:  Lauraceae

《About frequently-confused species》

 Not to mix up with them:Alexandrian laurel(Calophyllum inophyllum), Cherry laurel(Prunus laurocerasus), Chilean laurel(Laurelia aromatica), Indian laurel(Terminalia alata), Winter Daphme(Daphne laureola)


  Mediterranean littoral

 《Parts for use》

 Leafs and essential oil which is extracted by distillation from the leafs.


 Laurel is an aromatic evergreen tree with glossy leaves; it is one of the vital plant used for bay leaf seasoning in cooking.
Also it has figured prominently importance since ancient times.
A wreath of bay laurels was given as crown which had been worn by  emperors, poets (this is why they called "poet laureate" ), and the heroes.
It is imaged as an intelligence, and scholarship, "Bachelor" is the word which is called as academic degree earned for a graduate course of study, origins from "bacca- laureus" means "laurel's fruit ".

 Especially laurel made in Europe have various structural component. The ingredients of laurel oil include almost vital 12 scientific family.  That can be reached an explanation of positive and broad result. The powerful aroma lasts a long time.  Laurel is the symbol of victory through Greece and Roman myth.

 There are many types of essential oil of Laurel. The oil produced in South Africa, which contains a large amount of cineole, its aroma reminds me of eucalyptus. This is not so important in aromatherapy. The oil produced in Italy, France ,and the former Yugoslavia smells more sophisticated like a bay leaf as used in cooking, because it contents cineole low level(about 35%).  That essential oil has delicate fragrance, which can take from the north Mediterranean Sea, is suitable for use in aromatherapy.

 Human have never researched scientifically about the medical effects of Laurel, but the positive effects to the lymphatic system is obvious. If you rub the lymph node swelling with a few drops of Laurel, it will show you  a quick mitigation action, that should be noted. Pleasant effect on the positive of this oil is so powerful and clear, that even the most skeptical person will say, " I feel sure the effect" with a usual single use.

 One of the various usage of bay laurel oil is a sauna. When you spend some time in the sauna for rubbing with a few drops on your solar plexus and lymph nodes, mild pleasant effect is shown in your skin. Its stimulus is gentle, but shows the tonic effect.

 Laurel has a drug effective to quell the cramps by warming the digestive system, and it becomes also a disinfectant. The leaves is really useful for cooking for a daily use ,for example ; using to flavor pickled soup, stew, sauce, and the gravy sauce.  If you soak the dried leaves in the olive oil, which is better to use the fresh leaves just picked and teared, it becomes a very healthy salad dressing.
It can be used as a oil to paint the chest at the time when you catch a cold and have a cough, also as a hair oil for anti-dandruff.

Major component
Volatile oil component (terpinyl acetate or cineole,mainly ), esters, Tempel alcohol, eugenol 

Activation of anti-unfolding /anti-decay,  necrosis , gangrene,  bedsore /activation of pain relief / rheumatism/arthrosis/activation of work of a brain & antidepressant/stage fright/inferiority complex/anxiety neurosis/tender activation of anti-infection/infectious disease of skin (acne, psoriasis, eczema hard to recover)/activation of progress immunologic power/chromic bronchitis/common cold/influenza/
Activation of improving the circulation of lymph/ cellulite/weak anticonvulsant activity/expectorant action/asthma


Internal use - colic, indigestion, flatulence, anorexia, catarrh, coughing, common cold
External use - blow, infection of chest, coughing, common cold, dandruff, ulcer in mouth, muscle to stiffen, sprain


 Internal use - decoction of leaves, tincture or infusion

 External use - the shampoo of the decoction use for disease dandruff, fomentation for blow, essential oils diluted in carrier oil for infection of chest, coughing, common cold, muscle to stiffen,sprain. This allows you to paint a little ulcers in the mouth.


 To avoid the possibility of skin sensitization, which is not known, topical use should be kept a small amount.

 Note: It may cause irritation and skin sensitization with more frequent use of the skin Laurel over the length time (3 weeks or more). This is because of including sesquiterpene lactones. The key to success is keeping moderation for everything. For health body, that is most efficient way to prevent from disease is to use a time of a week. In the season of influenza, you can use it more frequent.
It is better to quit for
little time using laurel after acute disease.


  "About that I encounter the Wisdom of the earth"

I encounter the essence with miracle scene.       

Sometimes,  I have ever existed on the world where is in each the dream and real in my life.

 On such the world, one day, this essence came to say hello, which is an opportunity to encounter it.

 A lotus leaf showed on the photo label was felt me the impact strangely. I felt, "how lovely the bottle with the label is".

At that time, I can't have found where the logo was so that I can't have also known what the name was.

 I didn't feel hurry, but felt ease to be looking forward to that, because I believed that one day when I picked it up would come. That experience was happen 3 months ago.

 A month later from the happening, I had an opportunity to visit my friend's salon.

 It was my first experience to enter her salon, on the entrance, I found the bottle that seemed to call out"welcome" to me at the lovely space.

I heard remarkably voice to care among the various things such as Crystal and Aura-Soma goods.

Yes, I found the bottles, what I said.

 I was surprised a little.

 No way, is it at this timing?(Laugh)

 Finally, at the time, I became to know the name "Wisdom of the earth".

 "Selection of Essence"

 There were so many kind of essences, that I was very lost to select from them to work with.

 At first, I was very troubled whether I should have selected geranium, tea tree, lavender, or eucalyptus.

 At that time, my learning a batch flower essence remind me of  the lock rose that I had been curious,
or the pine, and I may ought to have choose one of them, however, at the moment I decided to select by my heart, I suddenly changed my mind to select into working with the laurel leaf.

 I felt to hear the voice gently, "you are better to choose me.", and I judged what I need the most was her of the essences now.  

 From the time on, I have tried to investigate about laurel leaf.
I suggested that I should compere with essences which was sold  by other various makers,
so I began to seek the product of other company.

 I got my feet wet from major companies that dealt with essential oil. 

 For all that...there was not in the major shop handling with them.
I was little surprised because I think they were placed anywhere in the major. 

 Using my lack knowledge like as baby average about essencial oil was little terrible to seek a genuine company that dealt with proper essencial oil which was managed from beginning.

 Not only for that I wanted to find an essential oil like as  a"wisdom of the earth", but also for that I had no chance to try touching one by one of  all of them.

 At the present day, once you search an answer on the web, you will be confused to pick up your answer from big spread information as I troubled.

 Unexpected thing, there was not so many shop which dealt with the laurel leaf essential oil , which is small mercy for me.

 I found the laurel leaf essential oils, which were really expensive, and which was offered laurel leaf as difference from bay leaf, I excepted such goods that trouble me to compare from this investigation.
Then, I tried to order a few bottles that I felt it was good.

 Just as my thought, two of them were was doubt their quality.

 I felt them strange sensation from their wave. I will quote the fact later.  

 "Comparison of  Wisdom of the earth with other companies"

 Essential oil that came to my house at the beginning was the Wisdom of The earth.

 When I opened them from the mailing bag, I lined up with the other essences, which came with also several of non-Laurel leaf oil, my tears trickled down naturally.

 About the power, what can I have said?  I didn't know.  
I felt that powerful backer which was entrusted safety with everything came in droves home.

Then, I felt that each bottles may have had consciousness and soul, moreover they may have had higher level of humanity than human, which was like a baby staring with the eye brilliantly without a cloudy, I felt such things.

I experienced really remarkable energy like as that one day that you invite a powerful customer to ordinary family.  In spite of that, at the class, I had a situation like as if I dived in where was too many essences appearing all together, and I went to different place from usually under a strain, so that I can't have found such a extraordinarily space because I had paralysis to recognize that.    

 Then, various Laurel leafs came to my home, I 'd like to mention from the left,・Company AThe place of origin is France.・Company BThe place of origin is Turkey.・Company CThe place of origin is Balkans.・Company DThe place of origin is Turkey.These are exact places of origin that is written at the products or the company's homepage.There were 2 companies from Turkey by chance, whether the affair by chance or coincidence.I think that they are not distilled and collected at the same place, because of the different aroma. I tried to put them in order to strength of the wave that I can have felt.When I grabbed them, I can have felt their tingling sensation.I brought the strongest one in order from the front.It was looked like a occasion, but the wave that these two Turkish brand had was felt weak,Maybe I can't find to pick up if they rolled on around me. That felt me sad. On the background, the happening was caused by my feeling of doubt when I ordered them from the company.On the other hand, the service of company A was very polite for me, and they said their product was used for Western medical care.Their product felt me unsatisfactory a little bit, but I thought it was completed as a product.Company C replied that they can't have sent it to me for some reason, but they said they can have sent only the sample that was used half if I haven't mind.  That's why their favor let me to gain it. That felt me good nevertheless it has been opened for long time how I couldn't have seen.As I thought, laurel leaf of wisdom of the earth had the nicest wave."Laurel Leaf of Wisdom Of The Earth"The fragrance of this laurel oil remind me of the early maturing tangerine greet the season around October.On this summer that we work more active is over, and it becomes cool gradually, the laurel oil is hoped to fix our sense to internal calm from external bustle.Whichever the happening was by chance or coincidence, Since this oil came to our home, various thing have been happen at once.The most impressed thing was that I experienced the passage of having herpes labialis from the moment to seconds.I felt surprised this essential oil that can activate detox effect! The same time as I have got the herpes, as my lymph node at my chin was swelled up, and my immunity power reduced down, finally I can't have got up from bed for two days all my weekend holiday.When I got the idea to try this essential oil to paint my swelled lymph, actually I tried that. As a result of that, I succeeded to lessen the swell for only 2 days♪And then, because my constitution is seemed to accept damage to forth chakra so much that I always feel a pain around the upper sternum area,  I dropped the oil a few around my chest when I finish to take a bath that takes me to comfortable sleep.Also, I tried to bring the oil putting my pocket for a week, for that every time  I can work with the oil.Now, I work at research office where I got heard various sounds from machines at the examination room.Sometimes I felt nervous the sounds. At the place, I bring it on my desk and let it stay with me, so that I could have relax time on my job that I have never experienced.What a nice partner it is☆ At the first time  when I bring it to my office, I have really impressed.Actually, it seems that I cannot do without it.  [References]☆ Author Peter Conway (2007) "All of origin medicinal trees;tree natural remedies to be medicine TREE MEDICINE"Pp.321-322 BAB Japan Co., Ltd. Publication Bureau Author Kurt Shunauberuto (2004) "Science of essential oils to see in ADVANCED AROMATHERAPY component distribution" FRAGRANCE JOURNAL LTD. Pp.77☆ supervision Philippe Mailhebiau (c) Copyright Nippon ESTER Co., Ltd, Nov. 2007  <Http://www.esters.co.jp/culture/research/16.html>
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Wisdom of the Earth Level 1 Certification Course Paper Laurel Leaf (Bay Leaf)

Laurel(Bay Leaf)/ Laurus nobilis Bay laurel, bay tree, sweet laurel, true laurel Category: Lauraceae 《A…2013-08-12 09:24:08