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Large Amount of Cesium detected from Dried Shiitake in Yokohama-city / NHK News

5 November, 2011


Yokohama city said that the amount of radioactive Cesium which exceeds temporary regulatory level defined by Japanese government was detected from dried Shiitake mushrooms grown and processed at an establishment for experiencing farming, located in "Maioka Park", Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-city. Upon receiving questions about possible contamination of Shiitake mushrooms by radioactive materials from citizens, the Yokohama city inspected the Shiitake mushrooms this month, and found maximum 2770 Bq/kg radioactive Cesium from those harvested in March, and 955 Bq/kg from those harvested last month.


[In the past, it was found that beef contaminated by radioactive Cesium was found in school lunch at Yokohama-city. In fact, Mayor of Yokohama-city is much more concerned with "damage by image" than the safety of children or citizens, and put tax money into making a pamphlet which emphasises the "safety" of radioactive materials.]

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