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Demands to Abiko City from the Association to Protect Abiko Children from Radioactive Contamination / Protect Abiko Children from Radiation

Demands to Abiko City

October 27, 2011

To: Mr. Jun'ichiro Hoshino, Abiko mayor

To: Mr. Jun Nakamura, Abiko City Superintendent of Education

From: Association to Protect Abiko Children from Radioactive Contamination

Seven months have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. However, children in Abiko City continue to live in conditions far removed from the safety they enjoyed before these disasters occurred.  

No action has been taken to deal with mini hotspots throughout the city, and parents and schoolchildren have not been informed about the hotspots that exist on school premises. The transparency of information is far from sufficient. For instance, a high level of contamination (10 uSv/h) was detected at Namiki primary school in June, but this fact was made public only recently. Most schoolyards, kindergartens and gardens have not been decontaminated. Children are still living under the risk of being exposed to radiation.

Other cities contaminated to the same degree as Abiko City have already started decontaminating schoolyards and other places. While the level of radiation detected in some Abiko schoolyards is twice that detected in some schoolyards in Fukushima Prefecture after decontamination (areas that are much closer to the affected nuclear plants), under the decontamination plan recently proposed by Abiko City entire decontamination of the schoolyard will only be carried out at two schools.

Some children are displaying physical problems that are possibly due to radiation exposure, and there are children who have been forced to evacuate from Abiko City.

We therefore demand that Abiko City and the Abiko City Board of Education carry out the following measures, in order to provide children with safe places and playing fields.

Abiko City and the Abiko City Board of Education must work to secure an environment in which children can play without worry and with a full feeling of security.

Health examination

- Implement periodical health examinations, including blood tests, urine tests and electrocardiograms, for children under 15 and for expectant mothers.


- Completely review the Abiko City decontamination plan based on national government guidelines (issued by the Ministry of the Environment and the Investigative Commission of Environmental Recovery). Revise the plan according to a decontamination target of 1mSv/y=0.23uSv/h.

- Decontaminate schoolyards, kindergarten and public gardens, as well as the routes children take to school and other places that children use or have access to. Make use of decontamination methods effective in dealing with low-level radiation, including washing tree branches.

- Actively assist, if necessary, decontamination projects carried out by civil organisations and citizens.

- Make a plan to assist in the decontamination of private houses and land. Demand compensation from TEPCO and the Japanese government for all costs incurred in the decontamination process.

- Take full and effective measures to protect those who are involved in decontamination activities from radiation exposure and other dangers. Carry out screening checks on those who have been involved in decontamination activities for a long time or in highly contaminated areas.

Protection from and reduction of exposure

- Announce a ban on agricultural and outdoor burning through the city newsletter. Provide guidance to farmers.

- Provide guidance to schoolchildren and their parents in order to protect children from and reduce their risk of exposure to radiation.

- Review outdoor events hosted, jointly hosted or supported by the city or schools from the point of view of protecting children from and reducing their exposure to radiation.

- Take measures to prevent agricultural products from being contaminated with radiation and to reduce the level of radioactive contamination of farmland.

- Review the sources of food used in school meals in order to protect pupils from and reduce their exposure to radiation. When sourcing foodstuffs that absorb radiation easily, avoid products from the Kanto and Tohoku regions and make every effort to use products from the western part of Japan.

Measurement, inspection and examination

- Measure the level of radiation near trees and bushes and in depressions in schoolyards, kindergartens and parks in more detail and make the results public.

- Lend geiger counters to citizens.

- Test the soil in farmlands, schoolyards, kindergartens and parks in all areas of the city. Expand the scope of tests to include testing for nuclides such as strontium.

- Develop a system to enable detailed and geographically balanced testing of radiation in agricultural products produced in Abiko City.

- Test products that absorb radiation easily, such as fish, meat, seaweed, mushrooms and berries, as a first priority, rather than products such as cucumber or tomatoes that are not as likely to be contaminated.

- Measure the radiation levels of fertilisers used at schools, kindergartens, nurseries and parks, and refrain from using those which contain radioactive materials, irrespective of their amount.

Disclosure of information and sharing the issues

- Make and disclose a map showing the radiation levels of the premises of all primary and junior high schools, kindergartens and nurseries, including private ones.

- Disclose the sources of foodstuffs used in school meals.

- Periodically inform parents of concrete measures and plans being taken by schools and other institutions to deal with radiation and of any issues as they arise.

- Host regular roundtable meetings between the city, schools, the city board of education, parents, farmers and citizens in order to share information about measures being taken to deal with radiation and about any issues as they arise.

- Help foster a "zero radiation movement" to protect people from and reduce their exposure to radiation that involves all citizens.

We believe that these measures are necessary "to make Abiko City a town in which the younger generation can continue to live and where parents can raise children safely".

"Children are the treasures of society. So let's protect them and nurture them together".

We call on the Abiko City mayor to make every effort to deal with the problem of radioactive contamination for the sake of our children, who will make the future.


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