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An old man from Hokkaido made a lawsuit against TEPCO / Ryusaku Tanaka

An old man living in Hokkaido filed a lawsuit against TEPCO, a giant company that even controls the government. Munehiro Maekawa (62), who runs a retail business in Kitahiroshima-city, Hokkaido, filed a lawsuit against TEPCO to stop operating nuclear plants. The first oral pleading was held on Monday (27th June) at Tokyo Prefectural Court.


Mr. Maekawa made a statement in the first oral pleading: "Before the accident, I thought nuclear plants are ok. After the accident, however, information has been confused and the instruction for evacuation was too late. Thinking of fear, anxiety and despair felt by people in Fukushima, I wonder how we can live in the future. As a Japanese citizen, I also feel great pain... I request TEPCO to reveal all the information."

In the press conference after the oral pleading, Mr. Maekawa said:

"In the process of lawsuit, the dark side of TEPCO will be revealed. More people will stand against nuclear plants. It's important to keep the lawsuit going."

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