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Hanami (flower viewing), Sake and Earthquake / Kosuke Kuji

From Iwate, a quake-stricken prefecture, to people all over Japan (and all over the world)


My name is Kosuke Kuji, and I am the fifth person to head our brewery here in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. We brew a sake called "Nambu Bijin". Iwate Prefecture was devastated in the Tohoku earthquake.


Our brewery also suffered harm. Part of a chimney was damaged, and an old warehouse partly collapsed. The damage was serious, but we are currently working hard to reconstruct our brewery.


We really appreciate donations. Iwate Prefecture received a lot of relief goods. We thank everyone deeply for their kindness and support.


While it's not the time and place for us here in Tohoku to be drinking sake, if everyone else in Japan keeps on holding back from enjoying a drink, it will cause us secondary economic damage.


Sake gives people more energy; sake heals people's spirits. We would like you all to support Tohoku by drinking sake.


Therefore, it would be better for us if you all went ahead and enjoyed a drink at hanami (flower-viewing) parties as usual, instead of refraining on our account.


Japanese sake eases the soul, makes food taste even better, and helps us to enjoy a rich and rewarding time.


Sake is made from rice, water and koji (mold spores cultivated on steamed rice). Please get energy for tomorrow by drinking sake, and give a little bit of that energy back to the quake-stricken area.


Here in Iwate Prefecture, we brewers plan to keep on doing our best to produce even tastier sake, and to give support to people along the coast, the most damaged area.


Therefore, I would like people living in Tokyo, in Japan, and indeed all over the world, to drink sake from Iwate Prefecture as a way of showing your support for the people and regions affected by the disaster.


Thank you so much for listening to me.


Translator's note: you can view the video at Japanprove or at YouTube

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